Surviving “The Fate Of Mercy Alban” Is Murder

thWithin a few pages of The Fate Of Mercy Alban, I recalled why earlier this year I raved about Webb’s other book, The Vanishing. Webb is a masterful storyteller, and builds suspense into the plot from the first few sentences of her novels. I loved that an old house with secret passageways was the setting for a story about whether the Alban family was actually cursed. The mysterious lives of the estate’s inhabitants was Gothic horror at its best.

With each chapter, the plot continued to develop through unexpected twists. Grace was a great main character for the book. She was strong-willed and secure in herself, two things that made her actions plausible. Every character had a secret, which were presented at just the right time to continue to move the plot along. There was a creepy element to this book that would make this a perfect read for a stormy night! To me, this wasn’t a book advancing an agenda or containing thoughtful themes, instead this was a mesmerizing ghost story that was pure entertainment! My only complaint was the characters retold large portions of the plot multiple times. I just don’t need constant recaps as I’m reading. The last chapters had me transfixed, a testament to the author’s tight writing and vivid imagination. I was a little disappointed in the quick ending after such a lengthy build up, but overall, the story was fantastic.

I can’t wait to read more by Webb.


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