Make A Reservation At “The Paradise Guest House”

thThe Paradise Guest House was a beautiful love story that arose from the tragedy of a terrorist bombing in Bali. Jamie was a travel journalist who got caught in the explosion and felt the ramifications long after. Gabe was an expat who escaped to Bali to salvage his life after a death devastated his family. Amidst the frightening bomb scene, these two people found each other and forged an unshakeable bond.

The book moved between time frames to give a complete portrait of Jamie and Gabe. Having Gabe’s story told in flashbacks several years after the sad death of his son placed a profound perspective on his grief. Only one year out from the senseless attack, Jamie’s fears and post traumatic stress still motivated her actions. There was a heaviness to the book given the events that created the two main characters, but the love story that played out between Jamie and Gabe was beautiful. The author examined how people move on from tragedy through the help and support of others, which made this book uplifting despite the heavy plot. The direct writing was descriptive and easily depicted the entire lives of the characters with stories that were relevant to the overall plot.

I enjoyed the story and would read more by this author.


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