“Finding Rebecca” A Midst The Terror Of World War II


From the first page, Finding Rebecca was a powerful novel. The intelligent writing articulated the fears of both Germans and Jews on the eve of World War II in a way that made this seem like a memoir, not a novel. This multi-layered work was so much more than just a forbidden love story set against World War II. Instead, it became a story about true love, lost love, survival, morality, humanity… I could go on and on.

The love that developed between Christopher and Rebecca was the fairy tale can’t live without you love that many authors strive to create but few achieve. Their determination to live with each other despite their different backgrounds motivated their actions, some beneficial to their relationship and others quite detrimental. Thought the cast of supporting characters, the author touched on the raw emotions concerning the rise of the Nazi party felt by terrified Europeans. The book was premised on Christopher becoming an SS officer at Auschwitz to save Rebecca. That platform allowed Christopher to experience a variety of struggles not only against other soldiers, but with his own morals. The blunt descriptions of the operations in the gas chambers were horrific to read about because of their truth. I appreciated that the author showed different sides of the war and this gave the novel legitimacy.

This was an excellent book that any fan of The Paris Architect or The Girl You Left Behind would love!



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