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thThe Girl Who Chased The Moon was a whimsical love story set against the backdrop of a town full of secrets. Sarah Addison Allen is adept at briefly telling the vivid background of each character so that the reader cares about each person present in the story. That helps me get to know each person’s motivations, which enhances her stories. All of Allen’s books are lighter reads even though the plot is always speckled with dark events that happened in the past. The Girl Who Chased The Moon was no different and followed Emily as attempted to learn more about her mother and the secrets that filled her past.

Suddenly orphaned, Emily settled into her grandfather’s house located in the town where her mother grew up.  After moving in, she quickly realized the death of her mother stirred up long buried secrets. When a shy boy becomes Emily’s only ally, their families are set against separating them to protect the mystical truths hidden by the townspeople. Emily’s relationship was a tad youthful, but ultimately revealed a shinning and beautiful secret. The plot was shared with Julia and her struggle to move on from small town life. Her love interest and sordid history balanced Emily’s juvenile worries, but somehow the novel still felt a bit basic.

Because it was pretty obvious what would happen in the story, this was only a three star book for me.


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