I Want To Be A “Shopaholic To The Stars”!

thOh how I’ve missed Rebecca Bloomwood, nee’ Brandon! When I sat down with Shopaholic To The Stars, I knew exactly what I was in for: a heroine whose good intentions land her in one funny misunderstanding after another. Becky is such an adorable character that this series quickly became one of my favorites when it first came out several years ago. The mishaps Becky encountered all because she just can’t help but shop, were clever and provided pure entertainment!

I was so pleased to see that some of the characters in the original book had large roles in this installment. Suze, Becky’s best friend since she first admitted she was a Shopaholic, was a great sidekick for Becky’s escapades in Hollywood since she was desperate to become an extra in a movie. Alicia Bitch Long-Legs reprised her role as Becky’s nemesis, and even Tarkie’s appearance helped facilitate Becky’s goal to get on a movie set. Kinsella used everything iconic to Hollywood to enhance Becky’s trip to California: paparazzi, award shows, movies, and of course, high-priced shopping. Truth be told there could have been a bit more of the crazed shopping sprees, but shopping permeated the book in the best ways. I love that Becky made chanting “Prada” in group therapy funny. Some phrases just didn’t translate from an English audience to an American one. For example, rose-colored glasses became rose-tinted spectacles, and there were other phrases that seemed out of place; I just couldn’t imagine a Hollywood starlet saying, “my bad.” Even with the odd terms here and there, this was a pure brain candy read with delightful characters and an engaging plot.

The ending left no doubt that another book is on the way and I can’t wait!



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