A Mother Set On “Finding Emma”

thFinding Emma focused on a family’s grief after one of their three daughters was kidnapped. I hoped this would be another heart-pounding thriller like Year of Fog, but instead this was a somber book that left me feeling depressed once I’d finished it. One half of the book described Megan as she grappled with the loss of her daughter at the expense of the family still around her. She was a whinny character who was crippled with worry and unanswered questions of her daughter’s whereabouts. The second narration in the book revealed where young Emma was being held, which was another equally depressing story. There wasn’t much of a climax in the book, and the reunification of Emma and her family happened all too fast. This was a difficult book to enjoy given the grief exhibited by the characters, and not even the happy ending changed my reaction to this story.


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