Secrets Of The Seine Hidden Behind “The Bookseller”

thThe Bookseller was another book written for book lovers and quickly turned into a mystery surrounding the kidnapping of a Parisian bookstall owner. The bookstalls of Paris are as iconic to me as the Eiffel Tower, but largely ignored in books and movies.  I thought it was clever that Mark Pryor used them as the focus of this story, which opened with a flurry of excitement.

The absolute best aspect of the book was the descriptions of Paris! I enjoyed following Hugo around the streets of the French city as he investigated the disappearance of his friend and bookseller. The plot became kind of cheesy with the inclusion of elaborate and mysterious dinner parties, sinister ambassadors, and drug lords. The conversion of these multiple and ridiculous plots ended well but was too far fetched for me. The writing was overly focused on the mystery, rather than Hugo and his personality. I also found the dialog a little corny.

This was an amusing story but I don’t think I would read the rest of the Hugo series.


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