Is The Photograph Of “Woman With A Gun” Artistic Genius Or Evidence?

thWoman With A Gun was a stunning detective mystery. I’m not usually a fan of detective style books because the constant interviews wear on me, but Phillip Margolin managed to interweave a few brief interrogations with a varied cast of characters and murders to create an intriguing mystery. Truthfully, the cover was what caught my attention, and I just had to find out the back story of the woman approaching the sea holding a revolver. So, I appreciated that the photograph was a main focus in the story. 

This was a fast paced book, at times it seemed even too fast, but I realized that the information must relate to a larger picture that needed several small subplots, which it did. To create the intricate plot, there were a lot of characters, many of which only appeared for a few pages. This slightly annoyed me, but I kept focused on the main players who were all determined characters that I found believable. Yet, because there were so many characters, I didn’t connect with any individual and found myself more interested in the plot’s conclusion rather than the journey of any one person. The writing was smooth, and easily created a sinister aura. I caught on to small clues hidden throughout the novel, but couldn’t guess the ending. Everything tied together very well in the end, and left me satisfied with the book. I know I’ll be thinking about the twisted conclusion for a while.

Even though this wasn’t a story intended to make a statement on life or present a significant theme, I would definitely read another book by this author.


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