“The Paris Winter” Buries Secrets In The Snow

thThe Paris Winter showcased the plight of poor women living in Paris during the Belle Époque. Struggling art student, Maud, landed at the home of a wealthy brother and sister as a caregiver out of need, but the siblings were clearly not what they pretended to be. 

There were good elements to the mystery that unfolded after Maud was almost murdered, but the writing needed to be tightened up. The flow was clunky, and exciting events were sandwiched between lengthy portions that lagged. Truthfully, the first 150 pages of this story were beyond boring. The second part of the book finally pulled the overly detailed set-up into a suspenseful story.  There was too much emphasis on the two supporting characters who assisted Maud uncover the truth and seek revenge and their side stories were a bit bland. In the end, Maud became a crazed maniac who was difficult to like. That left me without anyone to root for, and only enhanced my detachment from the novel.

I wanted to like this story more than I did.


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