Read The Book, Watched The Movie: “Unbroken”

thI haven’t stopped talking about Unbroken since reading it several years ago, so I was beyond excited to watch an adaptation of it over the holidays. Knowing how amazing Louis Zamperini’s story of survival was, I expected great things from the motion picture. I was not disappointed.

Louis Zamperini could be called a God for the superhuman resilience he exhibited during World War II. He survived a plane crash, was lost at sea for over 40 days, and endured countless physical and emotional assaults from the Japanese as a POW. These events were depicted on screen with grace in a way that showed Angelina Jolie’s respect for Zamperini.¬†Angelina Jolie’s direction was amazing, and much improved from her debut, In The Land Of Blood And Honey, which was an embarrassing low budget film whose name I couldn’t even remember. The shadows and different angles used in the movie created a tense, yet hopeful, atmosphere, and made me feel I was watching a film from a seasoned director. Although Zamperini died before the movie was released in theaters, it is comforting to know that he watched a nearly finished film in his hospital bed.

Despite the horrible things Zamperini experienced, his steadfast hope and unbroken spirit is inspirational. I can’t recommend the book enough. If you’re not a bookworm, at least treat yourself to the movie. You will not be disappointed!


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