Hiding “Things Half In Shadow”

thThings Half In Shadow was a well written mystery that had an Edwardian feel to it given the corsets and carriages! Despite the academic beginning, (scene one: character presented with a task which he declined, scene two: character suddenly has personal interest in task and accepts), the book picked up once Edward met Lucy, a medium pretending to commune with the dead. Their relationship heated up once Edward discovered that Lucy’s seance was a carefully fabricated act. When Lucy blackmailed Edward with secrets from his own past, the two became unlikely business partners and friends.

The  book was lengthy, at over four hundred pages, but the events were exciting. The intricate plot was not a predictable linear tale. Instead, pieces of the plot leapfrogged over each other throughout the story so that small details early on became important developments in later chapters. I appreciated that each character’s life story wasn’t just background, it was used to advance the plot. The focus on seances and mediums added a spooky element to the story and gave this an inherently mysterious foundation. The way the spirits materialized during the seances reminded me of one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion, where tambourines shake, trumpets blare, and bells ring. The way the narrator spoke directly to the reader and the elegant wording reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe’s rhythmic and mesmerizing writings. The tone and style of writing made this fun to read because the narrator spoke directly to the reader and didn’t take himself too seriously. The last few pages left room for a sequel, and I hope that happens!

I was thrilled to win a copy of this from Goodreads, and would seek out more books from this author.


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