“Catching Air” In Vermont

thCatching Air was described as a story about two couples who open a bed and breakfast in Vermont, but it was more about their inability to reproduce then the stresses of the new business venture. After reading and really liking the author’s The Best Of Us, I expected the same strong characters and realistic dialog to showcase the issues of normal people. Although present, those writing traits were overshadowed by the personal problems of these two unhappy couples, which were a bit depressing.

I wouldn’t have read this had the description been, well, honest. I wasn’t interested in reading a book where the main characters struggle to conceive and then stress over whether or not they would be good parents. I wanted there to be more issues with running the hotel, but those were few and far between. Dawn, the accidental thief who hid out at the bed and breakfast was a weird character with an equally odd background. Although her arrival and attempt to escape the police was intended to heighten the suspense, it didn’t. I was further disappointed when the big arch in the plot was obvious from the beginning.

This was amusing, but not what I was hoping for.



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