Indulging In “Breakfast At Darcy’s”

th (1) Breakfast At Darcy’s was my second attempt to read a story where the plot centers around a character’s attempt to establish a hotel. The novel followed Darcy to an uninhibited island off the coast of Ireland where, in order to receive her inheritance from an aunt, Darcy had to establish a community of at least fifteen people for a year. Darcy’s personality and flare for designer clothing reminded me of one of my favorite chic lit heroines, Rebecca Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series. In that sense, this was as true to chic lit as a book could be.

I liked Darcy even though she was a bit superficial, as were the problems she encountered while trying to establish her community. The problems Darcy experienced such as not having hot water or internet lasted only a few pages until someone conveniently guided her to a solution. There was always a guy around to solve her problems for her which only enhanced her status as a helpless heroine. The characters were one dimensional and the plot was very straightforward, which meant that the surprise at the end didn’t have much of an impact on me. I knew this wouldn’t be a literary masterpiece, but I did expect the reading level and plot lines to be geared toward readers older than teenagers.

Ali McNamara’s first two books, the Love Actually series, were her best. After this one, I would only pick up another by this author if I was really in need of a mindless story.


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