Celebrate National Readathon Day With “How To Be A Good Wife”

th (3)To celebrate National Readathon Day today, I recommend reading a true psychological thriller. At long last, I finally found a follow-up to Before I Go To Sleep! There was a sinister element about How To Be A Good Wife from the very beginning of the novel. Something black and toxic lurked below the surface of the happy couple, Hector and  Marta, and I was dying to see what it was. The simple writing and wording gave the story such momentum that I finished this in one day! 

Marta’s world was thrown into turmoil when she began having visions of a young blond girl. Her strict husband seemed to care about her, but Marta doubted his intentions and her perception was so believable, I did too. This book didn’t have much of a plot, but somehow that worked really well here. Instead of a novel full of events, this story focused on Marta’s memory of life before she married Hector. Marta’s stream of consciousness narration allowed me to immediately see that Marta’s issues were real and very serious. The story unfolded so well, that I was surprised by the twist in the plot even though there had been substantial build up for it.

My husband gave me this book for Christmas (he knows I’m a sucker for the signed copies in Target) and it already earned a place on my list of favorite books!


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