“Lawyers Never Lie,” Except For…

I reLawyers-Coverached for Lawyers Never Lie to feed my need for a story with a lawyer as the main character. I liked Cassie, a mother of three who recently graduated from law school and was suddenly faced with her own legal woes. When her contractor sued her and her husband was framed for drug trafficking, her legal training came into play. 

Cassie’s thirteen year old son, Nathan was the comedic relief in the book. He was smart and scheming, all in the name of challenging the laws like he learned from his mother. There was a good pace to the book, which had an investigative element into the contractor’s claims against Cassie. The relationships Cassie had with other characters were given some background, but could have been explained even more. The legal procedure used here was easy to understand and fit into the story well. I especially appreciated Cassie’s recollections of law school classes and the legal principles she learned.

I was fortunate to receive a signed copy of this directly from the author.


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