Separated By A “Bridge Of Scarlet Leaves”

downloadBridge Of Scarlet Leaves followed Maddie and Lane’s interracial love story, which was catapulted into a crazy whirlwind upon the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They struggled with the ramifications of America’s sudden hatred toward Japanese descendants, but it was the internment of Lane and his family that really made the young couple examine their hasty marriage.

Lane and Maddie hid their romance until Lane’s family told him that a matchmaker in Japan found his bride, and directed him to marry against his wishes. Their marriage and changes in society after the bombing curtailed Lane’s aspirations to positively impact his country by interning for a member of Congress after graduating college. Maddie was a talented violin player who hoped to attend Julliard, but her dreams were also dashed by prejudice. Despite the young characters, the writing and story was mature enough to appeal to an adult audience. The pace of the book was steady and full of events in Lane and Maddie’s relationship to fully develop their love and subsequent actions. To provide a complete view of the impacts of the war, the story moved between Lane interpreting for the army, Maddie trapped in an internment camp, and Maddie’s brother on the ground in Asia as an American soldier.

I was impressed by how well the author describe this period of history through the young characters. The novel made several statements about family, friendship, and war, but these points were so belabored that I skimmed the last fifty pages because I’d had enough! Still, I appreciated the perspectives presented here, and this was a good read.


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