Shhh! These Are “Silent Murders”

thSilent Murders was the second book by Mary Miley where she used the same assertive protagonist, Jessie. Last year, I read The Impersonator, and loved the murder mystery Jessie accidentally encountered while impersonating a young girl who disappeared. In this installment of the Roaring Twenties Mysteries, Jessie was a script assistant in 1920s Hollywood during the height of the motion picture explosion. Working for Douglas Fairbanks, Jessie was swept up in a caper of true Hollywood crime when several celebrities were murdered on one night.

An extravagant Hollywood party in a large stately manor where forbidden champagne flowed provided the perfect setting for the murders about to happen.  As a classic Hollywood buff, I appreciated that stars like Myrna Loy and Gary Cooper made appearances in the story. I was a little disappointing in how ridiculously easily Jessie uncovered clues to the murders. In this novel, Jessie’s actions were a bit reminiscent of a chic lit heroine, as opposed to the tense and calculated movements she made in The Impersonator. The entire story was focused on the murder, which meant I didn’t get to know Jessie as well as I did in the first book. Still, there were plenty of secrets and red herrings to make this an interesting read.

I’m such a sucker for books set in the 1920s that I would read another installment in this series.



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