Will “The Girl On The Train” Spy On You?

thWow. Girl On The Train has raised the standard of psychological thrillers! The main character was Rachel, a woman who lost her job and marriage as a result of heavy drinking. Her weirdness was apparent early on as she traveled back and forth on her usual train even after being fired because she didn’t have anything else to do. During one trip, she saw something that later pulled her into the disappearance of another woman, Megan. The story didn’t pick up for me until about 50 pages in, but by then I realized the rhythm of the tone and pacing of the narrator’s sentences were lulling me into the story of betrayal, lies, and memory loss.

The author made Rachel a deranged lunatic who harassed her ex-husband and then fantasized over Megan’s husband. Despite her antics, Rachel was likable and her inability to clearly recall what she was doing on the night Megan disappeared pushed the story along very well. Because every character was flawed, their dysfunctional actions were an acceptable basis of this story. I admit I had a hard time getting into the disjointed narration that switched between three different women. The women’s voices were too similar, which not only made it hard to tell them apart but didn’t help to differentiate them as individuals. The last line was comical, and I appreciated that the author created a well rounded story that resolved neatly.

I need to read more by Paula Hawkins!


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