Love And Murder On “The Far Side Of The Sun”

th (1)Royalty, romance, and murder made The Far Side Of The Sun a devilishly delightful read! The death of an unknown man brought Dodie, an impoverished worker, together with Ella, a diplomat’s wife, in a twisted tale of seduction and riches. Although that murder was the catalyst for the plot, this wasn’t a typical mystery. Instead, the author layered the romantic lives of Dodie and Ella with their quest to solve the murder into a well paced story bursting with emotion. 

Having just read about Wallis Simpson, I was pleased to see that she was a character who added a royal, yet scandalous, element to this mystery. The beautiful island elements contrasted well with the shady politics of the Bahamas. The author spent a great deal of time describing Dodie and Ella outside of their sleuthing, and this allowed me to really understand their characters. The elegant writing was addicting to read because of the care Kate Furnivall spent on describing the island and its inhabitants. I feel odd saying this was a beautiful story since it contained quite a bit of violence, but perhaps that is the author’s gift: using tragic and scary situations to showcase how it will impact people, some for the worse, but some for the better.

This was such a joy to read. I can’t say one bad thing about it!


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