Africa Comes Alive In “A Spear Of Summer Grass”

thThe first thing that appealed to me about A Spear Of Summer Grass was the sassy and confident heroine, Delilah. Banished from the upper class drawing rooms of Paris, she didn’t exactly fit in on the great plains of Africa. The solid writing made the events in this story exciting to read. I loved the vivid descriptions of the African wildlife that Delilah encountered. The pages brimmed with water buffalo, elephants, lions, and chickens!

I can’t recall reading about another main character as confident as Delilah. She established herself as a formidable female siren who had every man in the story wrapped around her finger. Delilah’s sexual encounters placed this book squarely in the Romance genre, and that was a bit of a surprise to me. Although I knew the plot contained a relationship I didn’t expect it to consume the story. I loved the time frame of the 1920s and relished in the descriptions of Delilah’s clothing and accessories! There wasn’t a definite time line for the events that took place, and Delilah bounced from one situation to the next without much build-up. This made the story a little disjointed for me. The end of the novel concluded with a love triangle murder mystery I wished had happened sooner. This was a “brain candy” book that was well written and entertaining.

The best aspect of this book for me was the focus on Africa. I feel like I took a trip there!


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