Happy Valentine’s Day!

thWhat could be a better read for Valentine’s Day than a book about love, more love, and murder? Initially, I resisted reading I Love You More because it was not the first book where the premise involved one man having multiple wives without their knowledge, but I soon realized the writing made this vastly different from A Circle of Wives. In I Love You More, the women banded together to take down their lying spouse, which created a web of lies worth reading! I appreciate books where the author makes a villain a sympathetic character I don’t feel guilty about liking, and this book was packed with an array of those characters.

The book was told in alternating perspectives: The wives of Oliver; Picasso, the oldest daughter of Oliver; and Kyle, the detective investigating Oliver’s murder. Picasso was the highlight of the book for me. She was spunky, smart, and deceptive, which made her seem older that the youngster she was. There was a lot going on with the plot, but the smooth writing told the story in an easy way. This wasn’t a book about good versus evil, instead it pitted kind of evil against more evil against very evil. There were constant twists that kept me very entertained. At the end of the book, the author had me examining my own morals as it related to how I differentiate between right and wrong. I’m still deciding which characters were villains.

This book earned a place on my top books so far this year! If you are in need of a devilish read, then this is for you!

Grab a copy of I Love You More.


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