Dare To Believe “The Magician’s Lie”

thSince I seem to be reaching for stories where strong women burst through the confines of society at the turn of the century, The Magician’s Lie was a perfect read! Although I was a bit uncomfortable with the physical violence that the author used as the motivations behind Arden’s actions, I pushed through it because I wanted to see how she ended up becoming a successful and confident magician.

I raced through this in one day, which was a testament to the powerful writing. The beautiful descriptions enhanced the magic in the story, as did Arden’s thoughtful observations summarized neatly in powerful sentences speckled throughout the pages. Arden experienced a difficult childhood, followed by an equally unsettling life as an adult. At times, her story was hard for me to digest since I tend to shy away from stories about physical violence against women. Her tortured love affairs coupled with a passion to be the greatest female magician helped to craft an impressive story culminating in a question as to whether or not she murdered her husband. The story was presented more as a memoir of Arden’s life than as a mystery involving the death of her husband.

I would definitely recommend this, especially to those who need a little magic!



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