Fighting To Free “Worthy Brown’s Daughter”

thThe plot of Worthy Brown’s Daughter appealed to my legal mind, and I was interested to see how an attorney would argue that a slave in one state was free in another. The novel revolved around Matthew, the lawyer who found himself representing a motley group of clients during the lawlessness of the old west. 

The legal woes of these strange characters were interesting, but too short. Instead of a novel with a cohesive plot with a variety of subplots, there were several stories that weren’t long enough to create a book individually, which resulted in a lack of rhythm. The characters were likable but lacked a developed back story and their actions occurred without much explanation. The amount of time actually spent on Worthy Brown’s Daughter was rather short. The result was an odd plot that veered in too many directions.  I appreciated the legal principles examined and thought some of the arguments made were quite clever. Of course I wanted more courtroom scenes! Maybe I’m a bit of a homicidial maniac but I wanted lily to get away with murder even though that goes against everything I believe.

This was not the best by this author, whose subsequent Woman With A Gun was an intricate and solid murder mystery. It is clear that Margolin’s writing and stories are enhancing with time. I can’t wait to see what he writes next!


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