Hollywood Is The “Land Of Dreams”

th (3)Land Of Dreams was not the conclusion I dreamed of for this trilogy. I was disappointed that this installation didn’t take place in New York, which is saying a lot considering I love stories set in Hollywood during the studio era, which is where Ellie ended up. Several years passed between book two and three, and those events were summarized too quickly for me. After such a lengthy build up to Ellie and Charlie’s love story, I felt I deserved to see her momentarily happy and in love. Instead, the author rushed through their negative marriage and focused on Ellie’s children. Even after Ellie arrived in California, the plot and characters just didn’t grab me like the first two books did. In this installment, Ellie was a revered matriarch as opposes to the driven young woman struggling to achieve the American Dream in New York. Because I didn’t find her new traits endearing, I was less invested in what happened to her. There was no magic infused into the Hollywood setting. Instead, the author used the internment of the Japanese to create a tense and serious social climate that was present in the first two books with the immigration experience and the depression.

Setting this book on the West Coast changed the entire feel of the story so much so that this didn’t read like the third book in the trilogy. I would recommend reading those novels and skipping the third one altogether.


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