Strolling Along The Seine On An “Evening In Paris”

th (2)Evening In Paris had all the elements I thought would make a good read: romance, the ambiance of Paris, and classic movies. The socially awkward main character, Alain, described his fascination with a woman in a red coat who frequented his movie house, and quickly became endearing once it was clear that he was too shy to speak to her. After they had a brief encounter one night where they connected as they walked the streets of Paris, she disappeared.

This wasn’t a mystery so much as it was a romantic odyssey. For some reason, I wasn’t all that invested in Alain reuniting with the girl in the red coat because their encounter was too brief to make an impact on me. Some of the interactions between the characters were a bit overdone and the dialog was too lengthy and boring. Every person was too perfectly created to represent iconic stock characters seen over and over again: the best friend who readily gives his opinion to the main character, the confident Hollywood producer, and the beautiful man-eating actress with an emotional past. These people all played their roles predictably.

I guess I hoped for something a little different from this, and would have enjoyed more movie references, like those found in From Notting Hill To Love Actually. This was a light and enjoyable read, but I wanted more from it.


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