Celebrating 500 Blogs!

thI’m posting my 500th blog today! Thank you to everyone who supports me!

I’ve reviewed so many memorable books since I first started this blog, that I learned a lot about my reading preferences.

Here are the top five rules this fastpageturner lives by:

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Some of the best reads were hiding under less than interesting covers. Best examples: The Hypnotist’s Love Story and The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton.


2. Lean toward plot driven, fast past narratives. They never disappoint! Best examples: The Year Of Fog and The Other Typist.

3. Don’t place too much trust in reader reviews.  Readers are picky (just like me) and their preferences won’t always match mine. Best examples: The Songs Of Willow Frost and Blue Asylum (I rated these with 5 stars, but they only received 3 on Goodreads).

4. Read about uncomfortable topics. A great author will create a stellar read out of anything. Best examples: Stiff, and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


5. Seek unconventional heroines. Sometimes books with an odd main character turn into surprising and awesome stories. Best examples: The Autobiography Of Mrs. Tom Thumb and The Ice Cream Queen Of Orchard Street.


Happy reading!


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