Are You “The Kind Worth Killing”?

thThe Kind Worth Killing is one of those books that was so fantastic, I have a hard to describe. When Lily met Ted during a layover at an airport, their conversation quickly turned to murder. Initially, the novel was similar to Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train, but then Swanson’s book catapulted from that plot into a thrilling and revenge filled drama I couldn’t stop reading! 

Obviously, there was something a bit off about Lily, who too easily agreed to assist Ted murder his cheating spouse. With each chapter devoted to her, Lily’s dark and deranged past became more apparent. I loved that there were no good guys here. Instead each character was a villain motivated by a different factor: love, greed, and revenge, to name a few. The constant twists kept the story exciting and extremely unpredictable. The solid writing not only provided enough depth to each person to understand them, but poetically described the other elements so necessary for a great story, such as the setting, the character’s memories, the weather, and even small personal traits. Their words were made with purpose and their actions demonstrated their determination to get what they wanted. I just love when tense books end in a way that makes me laugh and lets me know the author has a sense of humor!

Peter Swanson’s stories definitely improved from his first book, The Girl With The Clock For A Heart, which was another thrilling book with a cat and mouse type plot. I can’t wait to see what he writes next!



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