No One Can Fool “Princess Elizabeth’s Spy”

thPrincess Elizabeth’s Spy was a cute mystery that took place in London. I didn’t read the first book in this series, where Maggie Hope was recruited to join M1-5, but didn’t find it necessary to enjoy this installment. Maggie was a spunky young woman passionate about doing her part to help England win World War II. Even though she felt posing as fourteen year old Princess Elizabeth’s math tutor was beneath her, she soon realized that the position held plenty of danger and required the sharp mind of a spy.

I loved that Maggie was allowed to stay in a room in Windsor Castle, where Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret hid out while bombs destroyed London. Due to the black out curtains, rationing, and removal of rugs and other lavish furniture, castle life didn’t quite meet the expectations of me, or Maggie. Someone in the Castle was out to get Princess Elizabeth, but it was unclear who until the very end. This was one of those chic-lit spy novels where the mystery was the forefront of the story, but the heroine still managed to encounter situations only a female could. I was taken by the author’s ability to create characters with depth. They were emotional and honest, two things that made them likable.

I enjoyed the book and plan to read more in the series.


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