Receiving Guidance From “The Book Of Aron”

th (1)The Book Of Aron was an intense portrayal of one child’s experience in a Jewish Ghetto during World War II. Aron experienced all the horrible things we’ve come to know happened in the filthy confinement: starvation, disease, and death. Aron found a niche in the Ghetto by becoming a smuggler with a gang of other young children. Their helplessness enhanced the horror inflicted upon them and gave a unique perspective on wartime survival.

Through a progression of evacuations and illness, Aron was ultimately orphaned. Once that occurred, Aron’s life was largely in the hands of others. Jim Shepard created a moving story by having Aron choose survival over his friendships. His decision was a result of the naiveté of youth and perhaps the absence of adult counsel. Aron’s narration was simple, which depicted his character’s age well, but was still geared toward an adult reader. The factual manner in which Aron described events provided an innocent view of the awful things he experienced. Yet, the moral struggles he endured far exceeded a youthful plot.

I read this in a single sitting because I could not put it down. This was truly a masterpiece.




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