“The Ice Queen” Reignites The Terror Of World War II

th (2)The Ice Queen was an intricate murder mystery that began when a renowned Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor was murdered. Deaths of two other elders with similar background raised the suspicion of police detective Pia and Oliver. The investigation was pretty well plotted but the constant repetition of occurrences so typical to detective books bugged me. Still, the intriguing story line was only one positive aspect of this novel.

The format itself impressed me, as the author easily described the lives of several characters. The connections between these people revealed itself slowly, and was a little confusing at times. At one point, I wished I’d created a family tree as I read so I could keep track of all the characters. As the book’s secret became clear, so did the horror of World War II. That war created an intriguing premise in this novel because it was a mechanism to show the true nature of several characters. Were they evil by nature, or just forced to do anything to survive? The ending was a bit rushed given the detailed build up, but I liked that everything was explained.

This was one of those books I couldn’t wait to keep reading. I was absolutely impressed with everything about this story and Nele Neuhaus’ writing.


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