Saving “The Good Girl” From Evil

thThe Good Girl told about the abduction of a young woman, Mia, and her readjustment after she was found. Much of the story was uncomfortable to read, which I suppose is a testament to how accurately the author portrayed the circumstances and psychological impacts of being kidnapped. The author used a solid writing style that revealed an excellent story. In that sense, this story reminded me of Still Missing.

The book was narrated by Mia’s mother, her kidnapper, and the detective assigned to the case, but not Mia. That left me a little disconnected from Mia since she wasn’t given a voice. The kidnapper was the obvious antagonist, but Mia’s family wasn’t especially likable either. The detective wasn’t much of a character because so much of his narration was just a mechanism to describe the search for Mia. Taken together, the narration portrayed a rather negative story. This strategic decision seemed odd, but as the book progressed I started to understand why. The crazy ending proved my intuition was correct! This had all the elements of good book (themes, emotions, developing characters), but I was especially responsive to the descriptions of Mia and interested in her struggle to survive.

This was a well paced thriller that I would easily recommend.


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