Everyone Wants An “Arranged” Marriage

thIn need of something light, but also adult, I reached for Arranged, a book I hoped would be mature chic lit. Instead, what I found was another heroine who simply could not go another minute without getting married. After a bad breakup, Anne stumbled upon what she thought was a dating service and decided to give it a try. She then unexpectedly began a journey toward an arranged marriage. The first 100 pages were too full of unnecessary build-up. Since Anne’s motivations were clear, much of that portion where she bounced from one bad date to another could have been condensed. When Anne finally met the man the organization matched her with, Jack, I was unimpressed. He wasn’t particularly likable, which is saying a lot since Anne’s character was pretty boring. Their conversations were something out of a cheesy romance with lines like, “Oh, don’t I?” or, “We shouldn’t, should we?”. You get the picture. I was a little bored with the plot that plugged along with small and uninteresting peaks in the story. It wasn’t until page 300 that the author finally included an unexpected development that was entertaining and made reading the entire beginning worth it.

This was a frustrating read because I wanted more from the characters, events, and overall story. As a result, it warrants only three stars.


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