Britain’s Freedom Rests With “His Majesty’s Hope”

thHis Majesty’s Hope was the third installment in the Maggie Hope spy series. In this novel, Maggie was sent to Germany in another undercover operation. From this author, I’ve come to expect easy writing that conveys a substantial plot filled with a variety of story lines and characters. Of course, my favorite character is Maggie! She is an adorable character who makes these stories enjoyable to read.

As with all Maggie Hope stories, there were several stories taking place, all of which showcased the intelligence of Britain’s spies. This time, I found the dual stories between Maggie and Elise a little confusing. Also, there were just too many characters. I would have preferred to read more about Maggie and Elise, two brave women with plenty of spunk, rather than be constantly interrupted with conversations between other British spies that weren’t overly necessary. Maggie’s friend David from the first book, was also present here, but his decision to come out of the closet to his parents didn’t fit in with tone and events of the rest of the story. Instead, his inclusion seemed like the author’s awkward decision to promote Gay rights. Macneal included plenty of suspenseful moments that helped to convey the stress and danger of being a spy in Nazi Germany even though I wouldn’t characterize this as an actual spy novel. Yet, somehow, those tense moments didn’t culminate in the same exciting ending as Princess Elizabeth’s Spy.

Although I was a little disappointed with the conclusion of this installment, I intend to continue reading the series. Truly, this is a light read even though the setting is extremely somber.


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