There’s No Such Thing As “The Perfect Alibi”

th (1)Oh how I’ve needed a good attorney crime thriller! The Perfect Alibi was my first book by Sheldon Siegel, and I was truly impressed. His experience as an attorney helped make this novel extremely realistic and enjoyable to read. On the eve of Bobby’s 18th birthday, he was arrested for murdering his father. Bobby’s only witness was Grace, whose involvement prompted her father, attorney Mike Daley, to defend Bobby of the crime. Though Mike wanted to believe Grace when she professed Bobby’s innocence, Mike felt there was something else a foot. He wasn’t wrong. There are so many good things to say about this novel!  The writing was smart and strong, and easily laid out a plot with a lot of suspects each who had plenty of motives for killing a distinguished judge. The legal scenes felt very accurate and I appreciated that Mike wasn’t an overly confident attorney. Instead, he verbalized the weaknesses in the case and his ability to achieve the results Bobby’s mother demanded. I especially liked Mike’s inner dialogue, which was witty and really made him a likable character. As for the dialog between characters, the banter was quick, but felt authentic. There were some parts of this that felt like an after school special, and I wondered if the author was intentionally trying to make Mike and his ex-wife appear disconnected with society, or if the author actually believed that was how parents behaved. Either way, it was hokey. The book concluded in a whirlwind of about twenty pages, that detracted a bit from the intricate build up. Overall, I was very entertained!

I’ve already looked up other books by this author. I think I’ve found anew attorney series!


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