Don’t Look At Her “Lacy Eye”!

thLacy Eye had an attractive cover, an catchy title, and an appealing summary. So, as I opened the book, I prepared myself to be disappointed. Instead, I was amazed at how well Jessica Treadway crafted a story about Hanna, a mother grappling to recover from a vicious home invasion and reconnect with her daughter, Dawn. The mother-daughter reunion was complicated by the fact that Dawn’s boyfriend was convicted of the attack on Hanna, which also resulted in the death of Hanna’s husband, Joe. 

I loved that Treadway crafted a solid story where Hanna narrated in the present but included details from her family’s past. That created a seamless story that actually enhanced the details in the plot. It was those details that started to make Hanna begin to believe, as her family, friends, and the prosecutor did, that Dawn participated in the attack.  The odd interactions between Hanna and Dawn built the suspense surrounding Dawn’s innocence and had me eager to learn if she was involved in the assault. The story unfolded steadily, where a hint of something in an earlier chapter materialized in a larger discussion later on.

This was a deep and provocative examination into the lives of several tortured people who lied to themselves about their own existence and about others. Hanna lived a rather isolated life since her injuries were severe and disfiguring, which left plenty of time for her to reflect on life and the incident. As Hanna recounted Dawn’s life, she wondered if her need to be an encouraging mother created the monster Dawn was thought to be.

So far, this is the closest book too Defending Jacob, although this didn’t have the same legal component. This was definitely a great read!


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