Running Between “Life Or Death”

thI was pleasantly surprised by the good writing, remarkable characters, and quick pace of Life Or Death. I was intrigued as to why Audie Palmer would escape from prison the day before he was to be released. The story behind Audie’s daring move was slowly revealed with each chapter. The plot was packed with action, beginning with a bank robbery that grabbed my attention immediately. 

Robotham used several characters to push the story along, and I liked each of them. The authentic characters portrayed different walks of life. Each had their own way of speaking, so their unique personality traits enhanced the way this story was told. Audie’s prison friend, Moss helped provide background on Audie, and Detective Desiree uncovered the truth Audie so desperately wanted to hide. Much of the book was focused on Audie’s background, which was a weird mix of tough guys, love, and danger. I liked that my opinion about Audie’s character changed with the discovery of new information. His progression from thug to lover to thief kept me constantly wondering whether he was or wasn’t the bad guy everyone thought he was. There were several action sequences, which at times were a little hard to follow, but they were enjoyable to read. Since several characters were trying to learn what actually happened, their inquisitiveness felt genuine, as opposed to having only one character running around figuring everything out with too much ease. When I reached the end of the book, the word that popped into my mind was: fantastic!

This was my first book by Robert Robotham, and I’ve already added several more to my “to read” list!


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