The Thrill Of Light When You’re “Deep Down Dark”

thDeep Down Dark recounted the compelling story of the thirty three miners who were tapped in a mine in Chile for more than two months. Their story of survival was amazing, and I read eagerly read about their progression from fear, to boredom, to hope as the rescue operation increased miles above their heads. The efforts of the international mining community to assist in the relief efforts was a strong reminder of the camaraderie of miners.

The author described each person associated with the disaster: the men, their girlfriends and wives, the politicians, mine owners, and about a hundred other people. The large cast made it difficult to follow any one person’s story. The heroic men who were highlighted made the story emotional as they wrestled with hunger, friendship, and fame. It would have been helpful if the book included a diagram of the mine. I couldn’t fathom the enormity of it and had trouble understanding the locations where the miners were huddled.

Yet, this was only a three star read. Despite being an intriguing story, the choppy writing made this hard to read.


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