Solving Mysteries Is Easy For “The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent”

th (2)The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent was the fourth installment in the Maggie Hope series. Again, the story followed Maggie Hope, a British Agent during World War II. Maggie was, as always, an adorable character, but this time, the plot was slow. Maggie was sent to Edinburgh to help train new agents, while others in the British spy ring pontificated about America entering the war and Japan’s potential bombing of Pearl Harbor. I hoped for a meatier plot that was more focused on Maggie’s spying. Instead, the author took the series in a new direction by having Maggie become a super sleuth when she investigated the death of her friend. Chemical warfare was the tie in between the death and the war effort, but it wasn’t very exciting to read about. These books are light chic lit reading that are always enjoyable.


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