Try To Avoid “The Gemini Effect”

thThe Gemini Effect was unlike my typical end of the world reads. This sci-fi novel focused on the government’s response to a sudden infestation of rats who mutated into human eating creatures. As President Andrew attempted to put together some type of plan, Carolyn used her scientific background to examine a creature in an underground lab. Yes, this was totally absurd, but somehow, addicting.

I appreciated that the National Security Adviser and the Vice-President were both women. Amanda and Carolyn were strong and articulate females, and their inclusion in the story keep me reading. The inclusion of military lingo to describe the fighter jets and bombs made those portions appear legitimate. The inclusion of top secret code word clearances was a nice touch as well. The peaks in the plot were good, but the story went on too long before they appeared, and needed intriguing additions. Until about half way through, the writing was too direct without substantial subplots. With the exception of Amanda, the Vice-President, the characters were all one dimensional. The book lacked the necessary back story and insights to make each person morph into an actual character I could care about. At the risk of sounding like a total weirdo, I hoped for more encounters with the creatures and thought what was really missing here was a civilian character who would give the view of the frightened American public.

The potential for an unknown outbreak and possible world wide nuclear armament is a good foundation for a book any day! This was an easy read that was layered with an intelligent framework of power, politics, and fear. Overall, it was a good read.


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