Discovering Treasures In “A Paris Apartment”

thIf you are in need of travelling to Paris or exploring the Belle Epoque, then pick up A Paris Apartment. This was an easy read that combined romance, self discovery, and priceless art. In the present, April was sent to Paris to help inventory items found in a Paris apartment and prepare them for auction. She soon got caught up in the diaries of the former owner, Marthe, which revealed the life of an orphaned young woman struggling to make ends meet. Marthe’s ingenuity landed her a bartending job in a coveted Montmarte theater and her story brought a fresh look at Paris. 

Marthe was cunning but cute, making her an adorable heroine! Her innocent demeanor quickly evaporated and she became a jealous and desperate woman who would do and say anything for survival. Those were less than admirable qualities, but effectively described the dire situation of Paris during that time. April’s failed marriage left her rather wounded, but the Frenchman who represented the apartment’s owner brought romance to the story in a delicate way. The lineage of Marthe’s family was so convoluted that I lost interest in it. The writing was full of detailed descriptions that were easy to read. The first hundred pages or so were the better part of the story, with little progress being made in the plot until the end.

This was a light read whose enchanting setting brought the book to life.


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