Can You Spot “The Look Of Love”?

thThe Look Of Love was Sarah Jio’s latest book, which followed Jane, a woman who could see love. Jio has a way of writing about substantive topics with ease, which makes me feel like I’m reading a weighty chic lit book. I liked Jane as a character from the beginning, and this made the book enjoyable. She was pessimistic about love but still hopeful she would find it. Jane was also a devoted friend and sister, and her loyalty enhanced the relationships she had with the other characters. 

To enjoy this book, I had to accept the absurdity of a woman reaching out to Jane and explaining Jane’s gift of seeing love. Then accept that “before the sun sets on Jane’s 30th birthday” she had to find love herself. So, yeah, the premise was ridiculous, but I was in need of something mindless. My biggest issue with the story was the Jane had to find six types of love, which meant there were six subplots competing with Jane’s. Needless to say, it was a lot. A lot to read about, a lot of people to care about, and a lot of love to differentiate between. I get irritated when a book is consumed by one theme, so this was an obstacle for me. I was happy with Jane’s journey, even if it was extremely predictable.

This was light, but an entertaining read for a Sunday night.


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