Don’t Be Caught Off Balance With A “Thunder Of Giants”

thThunder of Giants told the alternating stories of two women both over eight feet tall, Anna and Andorra. This was a family drama, a coming of age story, and a circus tale all rolled into one great book. Anna and Andorra both came from complex backgrounds with family secrets. As a result, both women were eager to leave their homes and venture into a world where they would be accepted for their size. In many ways, the author used that platform to focus on the concept of on self worth.

It was sad to watch these women feel unworthy of love and friendship because of their size. At certain points the story was a little hard to follow because it not only went back and forth between Anna and Andorra, but also skipped around in time. Something I hate! I found myself wanting to read more about the experience of working for P.T. Barnum than the women’s depressing love lives. I also wasn’t all that keen on the mystery that intertwined the women’s stories. While I liked the idea that they were connected, the resolution was odd and not uplifting. You know by now, that I like happy endings, and although everything in this novel was resolved, the ending was hardly happy.

This was really a somber book, but I liked reading about the unique people and their experiences. Overall, this was a good read.


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