Past Lives Captured By “The Memory Painter”


If you believe in reincarnation then you must read The Memory Painter. This was an excellent story! This multi-level tale placed a new twist on the basic plot: man v. man, man v. self, man v. nature. This thrilling tale followed Bryan as he attempted to uncover the meanings of his past lives. Linz needed to be convinced that her life kept intertwining with Bryan’s, yet she couldn’t dispute that she knew things she couldn’t possible know about other people’s lives.

The unrealized love between Linz and Bryan was enhanced when it became apparent that there was someone in their history who wanted to keep them apart regardless of the age in which they lived. That aspect alone gave this an intriguing premise, but it was Bryan’s character that made this book fantastic. He was driven and devoted to figuring out how he could know so much about people. Bryan and Linz struggled with each new thing they learned about their past lives, and that made their love story and their personal growth intriguing. The portions of the book that told of their past lives was a bit cheesy and also a little confusing. This story was easy to get lost in because of the strong writing that carefully explored an assortment of characters in different time periods.

This was such a beautiful story. I can’t wait to read more from this author!


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