Five Compelling Books Hitchcock Would Love

th (1)I love a good mystery! Here are five compelling mysteries I think Alfred Hitchcock would have read and turned into a classic movie…

The Other Typist The speakeasys, bootlegging, and social parties used as the backdrop for the novel were elements that made the odd relationship between Odella and Rose exciting! This novel really had it all – a mysterious plot, great settings, excellent writing, and oddly magnetic characters.

Empty Glass: This book ends the speculation surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death and revealed a wounded woman desperate for a normal relationship. The story was set in the 1950’s, and the events and dialog mirrored classic film noir, which I loved! Famous people such as Frank Sinatra and Rock Hudson were included in the plot, adding credibility to the premise.

The Black Eyed-Blonde: The novel mimicked the bygone era of classic detective stories written by acclaimed author Raymond Chandler.  Impromptu encounters, hit men, and sinister secrets dotted the story in a well paced manner and captured the 1950’s with details that created a well paced mystery to solve.

The ImpersonatorMurder collided with proper society as Jessie attempted to swindle the inheritance away from a scheming family by pretending to be their long lost cousin. The plot soon turned into a mystery and was enhanced with little twists kept the story exciting.

The October ListDeaver boldly wrote the book in reverse, which left me guessing at what was really happening for most of the novel.  I can’t say too much about the kidnapping, cloak and dagger mystery, and hit men, but the entire story was very clever and deserves a second read to see everything I missed the first time!


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