Don’t “Close Your Eyes”

thClose Your Eyes was a character study that focused on Lauren as she dealt with her family legacy: a father who killed her mother. I anticipated that this novel would be a typical mystery where new facts raised by Lauren’s brother would entice Lauren to delve into whether her father really was the murderer she believed him to be. Instead, this was an exploration of Lauren’s emotional frailty, which took the story too far away from the murder at the core. 

Lauren’s troubled life was matched with the sad tale of Sylvia’s life haunted by an absent father, unpredictable mother, and poverty. The family background of Lauren and Sylvia gave this a truly depressing quality. Lauren’s hyperventilating and panic attacks made her an unstable character. Had this not been such a quick and short read, I don’t know I would have finished this. I wanted a tighter story line, and really didn’t need to venture to a number of open houses with Lauren, or ride the bus with Sylvia to understand the essence of their lives. I didn’t believe in the build up to the ending, which came too fast.

I wanted this to be more interesting than it was, but it held my interest.


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