Hide Your Eyes “The Next Time You See Me”

th (1)The Next Time You See Me was endorsed by Gillian Flynn so I knew it would be filled with crazy characters pretending to live normal lives. It was. Although the description made this out to be a mystery into the disappearance of Susanna’s sister, Ronnie, it was a dark and twisted study of the odd characters in a small town. Emily, a teen dealing with bullies and unrequited love in high school, was the most abnormal of the bunch and I found myself intrigued as to what she would do next. 

The writing had a good flow, which made reading this easy. Jones included small details that infused the writing with life. The gritty lives of each character were described simply and with realistic situations that revealed their youthful dreams and subsequent disappointments. Although I learned about them through these events, their interactions with each other were superficial, brief, and boring. Yet, there came a point where more attention was devoted to the characters’ backgrounds than their current lives and actions. The only reason I kept reading was because I was sure that all the history was going to turn into a great twist later, like it did in The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair. It didn’t. By the last page I felt frustrated that my effort hadn’t been rewarded with a good ending.

Jones is a good writer, and there were so many opportunities for this novel to be better than it was. I hoped for something with more action and excitement, so for me, this was a three star read.


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