“Swept Off Her Feet” In A Scottish Reel!

th (3)Swept Off Her Feet was a British chick lit novel that followed Evie from London to Scotland. I liked that Evie was someone who appreciated the past, and that trait made her a charming antiques appraiser. The plot was thin: When Evie traveled to a Scottish castle to appraise family heirlooms, she was invited to attend a Highland ball and was swept away by the dashing man throwing it at his family’s estate. The entire story was predictable, ridiculous, and truly chic lit. As a result, there really isn’t much to discuss. The characters were flat, their conversations were conventional, and the events happened without much foundation. Even Evie didn’t mature all that much. The dancing was good fun to read about, albeit that the descriptions of the reels were hard to follow. I couldn’t understand the steps or motions the characters were making, all I knew was that they were flailing about in fashionable dresses and having a ball! (Pun intended.) This was a light read that was perfect for me to enjoy while I was in Scotland.


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