How Did I Get “The Bullet” In My Neck?

th (1)The Bullet had the most oddly intriguing premise ever. Thirty eight year old Caroline learned there was a bullet lodged near her spine and had no idea how it got there. She couldn’t recall being shot, or having a surgery. When she asked her parents about it, long buried secrets came back to life. I loved Caroline from the first page and it was her character and narration that made this so enjoyable to read. She was a whip smart woman who was secure in herself, even going as far as jokingly referring to herself as a spinster since she was unmarried and enjoyed solitude. When a pain in her wrist prompted an MRI, Caroline was surprised to discover a bullet lodged in her neck. 

Although Caroline tried to learn more about her past and the bullet, she didn’t discovery much information. That limitation gave the story a legitimate aspect, and also furthered the suspense. There were many characters surrounding Caroline, several of whom seemed a bit shady and made for excellent red herrings. The author really crafted each person to be their own character when she gave them their own way of speaking, and had minor characters act as a result of their own motives, and not just to compliment Caroline. The climax of the book was great, and I will admit, I just didn’t see it coming. The ending might not satisfy some readers because Caroline’s future was left open, but I thought it was intelligent and, simply brilliant!

I’m eagerly awaiting more books from Mary Louise Kelly.


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