Celebrating 550 Posts With An Attack Of “The Blondes”!

thThe Blondes was premised upon blonde women suddenly becoming crazed zombies who attacked people. While I wouldn’t go as far as to dub this “chic lit”, this funny end of the world type story used the blonde haired scapegoats to amuse the reader. I noticed some reviewers without a sense of humor couldn’t understand that, but I thought it was hilarious (especially since I am a brunette)!

The story was narrated by Hazel and direct to her unborn baby. There were three narrations here, all of which helped give a total view of the new world where blonde was no longer an option for hair color. All melded into each other well and were easy to follow. Hazel recounted the days leading up to when the virus infected blondes and explained the affair she had with her professor that resulted in her pregnancy. Hazel also witnessed several attacks, all of which were all thrilling to read. The fright caused hysteria and governmental mandated quarantines. Hazel was caught up in a quarantine at the Canadian border as she attempted to return home.

With all the hype about the strange new virus impacting only blonde females, Hazel was naturally concerned about whether to keep the baby and potentially subject her to the virus as well as the much changed world. That thoughts in that regard humanized her and gave her a mature quality that wasn’t immediate obvious from her school girl crush. Hazel’s encounter with her professor’s wife also helped her develop as a woman, and there were moments when her naive approach to life made me feel sorry for her.

The author used humor to explain the ridiculous blonde threats, but layered this with enough serious plot events to make this an adult read with themes of betrayal, friendship, and love. This was an excellent story and I would read more by this author!


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