The Gory Details Of “Where They Found Her”

th (1)Where They Found Her used a baby’s murder to explore the deep and haunting lives of several people living in a small town. As a result, this wasn’t quit the psychological thriller I expected. Instead it focused on the wounds people carried with them, and how that hurt resulted in long buried and explosive secrets. I considered Molly the main character since it was her investigation into the unsolved death of an infant in her small town that stirred up the townspeople. There was a mystery at the heart of this plot, but the bulk of the story focused on the characters and their emotional lives.

Really, this was quite a somber exploration of several characters. Molly wrestled with her own loss that was exacerbated by the focus of her journalism. That aspect of the story was depressing to read and my least favorite, but I liked Molly’s determination to overcome her wounds. Barbara was a desperate house wife set on making sure everyone thought she lived a perfect life even though she didn’t connect with her husband, and didn’t understand her children. Sandy’s life was in turmoil after her mother walked out on her, and she struggled to get her GED while avoiding social services and finding a place to live. These three women were all a bit too whiny for me even though the plot did move quickly and was filled with lots of possible outcomes for the murder.

The writing did an excellent job to convey the depths of the souls of these characters, I just wish that it would have been a tad more upbeat.


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